Why Arm And Train Teachers When NRA Has Five Million Armed And Trained Shooters?

This is a summary of a soon to be published op-ed.
 Gail Vida Hamburg
The NRA could set up a hotline like the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline for those considering the deed.  There are two ways NRA could help them: offer fully-subsidized wraparound, intensive mental healthcare services to those who request it , or offer would-be perpetrators either a simulated blazing finale or a  simulated murder and real assisted suicide ritual in a controlled environment.
NRA could choreograph and produce ritualized mass shooting simulations (or real experiences after assisted suicide legislation is in place) in a regulated environment, with their own members participating in the event.  American gun enthusiasts already participate  in weekend warrior events here, and in attack tourism experiences in Israel. For $115 to $250, tourists at Israel’s fantasy anti-terrorism camps participate in simulated suicide bombing and knife attack experiences, sniper tournaments, and adrenaline pumping encounters with attack dogs. NRA could forge partnerships with Hollywood, the consummate purveyor of gun glam, to stage and film the events for use in their productions, thus guaranteeing the gunmen, the notoriety they desire. 

Gail Vida Hamburg is the author of Liberty Landing— a love letter to the American Experiment, which was a 2016 finalist for the PEN/Bellwether Prize for Socially Engaged Fiction.  <<


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