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Why Arm And Train Teachers When NRA Has Five Million Armed And Trained Shooters?

This is a summary of a soon to be published op-ed.
 Gail Vida Hamburg
The NRA could set up a hotline like the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline for those considering the deed.There are two ways NRA could help them: offer fully-subsidized wraparound, intensive mental healthcare services to those who request it , or offer would-be perpetrators either a simulated blazing finale or a  simulated murder and real assisted suicide ritual in a controlled environment. NRA could choreograph and produce ritualized mass shooting simulations (or real experiences after assisted suicide legislation is in place) in a regulated environment, with their own members participating in the event. American gun enthusiasts already participate  in weekend warrior events here, and in attack tourism experiences in Israel. For $115 to $250, tourists at Israel’s fantasy anti-terrorism camps participate in simulated suicide bombing and knife attack experiences, sniper tournaments, and adrenaline pumping e…

Why Not Let The NRA Assume Leadership And Social Responsibility for Mass Shootings?