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The Work Of Her Hands - A Stunning Art Collection for Sale - Nancy Lu Rosenheim's "Big Girls"

  The Female Gaze Artist Nancy Lu Rosenheim’s  Big Girls  Figurative Paintings For Sale by Collector Ave (Luisa), 69x54x8 inches,  Handmade egg-oil tempera on panel, white gold leaf, carved bass wood Query Collector Gail Vida Hamburg at Big Girls Artist’s Statement The female gaze, aptly defined as an extended reciprocal conversation between the artist, her art, and the viewer, is crystallized in the unbroken exchange between artist  Nancylu Rosenheim , her early work,  Big Girls —a series of larger than life figurative paintings of women—and its female collector. In 1991, writer and multimedia producer,  Gail Vida Hamburg  stumbled on several paintings from Rosenheim’s  Big Girls  in a gallery in Granada, Spain that captured her imagination. “The paintings were full of  machisma —the subjects were larger than life, serene, defiant women demanding acceptance on their own terms. I was moved by the artist’s assertion of self and her claiming of territory”